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10 kids left in car while parents party in bar.

July 31, 2011

Three people in Missouri were charged with child endangerment after they left 10 kids in a SUV for hours – while they grabbed a drink.

Cops said that Mackisha Johnson, 25, and Christopher M. Jones, 38, were arrested and another woman, Shacona Johnson was also charged, after the kids – ranging in age from 7 months to 11 years old were spotted in the parking lot while the adults grabbed a not-so-quick cocktail, KSPR-TV reported.

People who walked by the 2002 tan Chevy Tahoe called cops after they spotted the children locked inside.”I could see the children running around, jumping on the seats and what not,” Steve Thieman, who works at a nearby business, told the television station. “And so yeah, I was a little concerned what was going to happen.

“They were jumping up in the front seat and turning on the car to get air. I think the concern was they might actually drive through that building or something and just drive out.”
Cops said that the heat index at the time was 101 degrees.
A surveillance video shows Jones going to check on the children, waving his hands and going back inside to the bar, according to the report.

Six of the children were Mackisha Johnson’s and four were Shacona Johnson’s, according to the report. It was not clear how Jones knew the women.Once the children were let out of the car, they were given water and pizza from the bar that had been serving their guardians only minutes before.

“They were happy, happy to get water,” Frank Pasco, a handyman, told the TV station. And then they brought them all in one at a time and let them go to the bathroom. And everyone of them used the bathroom and I’m sure they all had to go.”

Mackisha Johnson and Jones were being held on $2500 bond. Shacona Johnson, who has an outstanding warrant on a misdemeanor charge was not at the scene when police arrived even though her children were still in the SUV, according to the Springfield News-Leader.

The next day, according to the report, she called authorities to explain she was going to a baby shower and had been picked up by a friend from the bar.
Mackisha Johnson also has a pending felony charge for distribution of a controlled substance in Green County Jail and a pending misdemeanor case for passing a bad check.

The children seemed to be in good health and were taken into state custody, the newspaper reported.


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