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Florida city eliminates its police department

August 3, 2011

In a surprise move Monday night the city of Oak Hill eliminated its entire police department.

The police chief and a few officers were under scrutiny for alleged illegal and odd behavior. The city council was so fed up they simply wiped out the entire department.

The mayor called the special meeting Monday tonight that started with the trashing of the police chief and the mayor called for her termination. But then the board talked about it more and decided to get rid of the entire department.It came as a shock to the room full of citizens, even the chief. Officers handed in their badges and guns. People hugged the chief and during the meeting just minutes after the vote, a call came in for service.

Officer Manny Perez says the past year working here has been awful. “One of the first things they tell you is this is a thankless job and today that really hits home.”

He was accused by town members of stealing gas earlier this year and suspended.An investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing. He came back on the streets last month.

Both sides admitted there was trouble brewing between city hall and the police department for years.In fact just last week the mayor says someone planted pot plants in her yard. The police chief climbed a ladder and took a picture of it over the fence. Something the mayor didn’t appreciate.It was investigated and determined the plants were not the mayor’s.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office will handle calls in Oak Hill and the mayor says it will cost the same amount to have the sheriff’s office cover the area 24-7

Oak Hill eliminates police department:


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