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Fox News condemns Obama’s Ramadan

August 4, 2011

President Obama’s proclamation honoring the Muslim holy month of Ramadan has some pundits up in arms.

The statement, a simple sentence reading “Times like this remind us of the lesson of all great faiths, including Islam – that we do unto others as we would have them do unto us,” caused an uproar in the “Fox and Friends” newsroom.

The show’s hosts claimed it was a double standard – since President Obama hadn’t issued a proclamation for Easter this year, another issue the conservative-leaning show had taken up in April.

At the time, White House spokesman Jay Carney brushed off a Fox reporter’s question about issuing a statement with a slight laugh and pointed out that Obama went to church.

“You know the president went to church yesterday it was well covered, I’m not sure if we put out a statement or not, but he did celebrate Easter with his family and went to church to celebrate that,” he said.

When pressed by another reporter, he became slightly annoyed and added:”I’m glad you’re asking key important questions guys, the fact is the president took his family to church in a very high profile way to celebrate Easter I think it was highly visible to most Americans, he as a devoted Christian he believes it’s a very important holiday.”The White House did, however, host an Easter egg hunt, the show’s hosts admitted on Tuesday.

The proclamation for Ramadan seemed to dredge up the issue for the show – again – and made them wonder exactly where Obama’s policies were when it came to honoring religion.”Some people are saying is this an outreach to the Muslim world and why isn’t there an outreach to the Christian world,” host Gretchen Carlson said.

The hosts then suggested that the Obama administration would be sure to issue a statement in 2012 on Easter – since it was an election year.Even more infuriating to them, was that the White House had issued an eight-paragraph statement on another major holiday: Earth Day.

The White House’s honoring of the holiday has been a long standing tradition – since President George W. Bush began holding dinner to breakfast on the holiday after 9/11 in an effort to show that America was not at war with the religion.


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