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Police smash car window to rescue baby…doll

August 6, 2011

When police heard reports of a baby trapped in a car, they rushed to rescue it.

And on realising that the only way to get into the car would be to break a window, they quickly did their duty.But moments later, they were embarrassed to realise that the baby they had gone to such lengths to save was in fact a doll.

The police caused £200 damage to the car in order to save Sam, a doll so lifelike it even has anatomically correct veins.

Mother-of-three Victoria Cristofis bought the ‘Reborn’ doll for her daughter Chanel’s birthday in June.But within a month the doll – which looks and even smells almost exactly like a real baby – has caused all manner of confusion in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.
Ms Cristofis says people have accosted her when shopping and accused her of mistreating a real baby, and petted it as if it was real – even before the police became involved.

She said: ‘Chanel is absolutely inseparable from this doll, she takes it everywhere and in just a month it’s caused all sorts of problems. It’s becoming a bit of a celebrity in Worksop.’I was in the supermarket and Chanel was shaking Sam around, and a woman came up to me practically shouting and asking what sort of mother I was allowing my baby to be ragged about like that.’I had to explain to her that it wasn’t real. She didn’t believe me at first then she inspected it and realised it was a doll. We ended up having a laugh about it.

‘Sometimes Chanel carries the doll around in a little Moses basket and swings the basket around like kids do. We will be walking down the street and people will look on in horror.
‘It is amazing, there’s no detail left out. It’s not just the way it looks, although it’s so realistic it even has veins. When you pick it up it flops a bit just like a real baby, and they even make it smell like a real baby.’

Victoria lives with partner Anastasi and their three children – Paris, seven, five-year-old Chanel and Jayden, two.The toy does not move of its own accord, like some dolls, although it does have a magnetic dummy.She added: ‘Chanel dropped the doll in the car and it ended up in the footwell. Someone, we don’t know who, rang the police and they had to break the rear driver’s side window to get it.

‘Anastasi wasn’t too happy with the state of his car afterwards and was worried the police wouldn’t pay for the damage, although eventually they said they would.

‘Now we are just laughing about it really, it’s a good tale to tell our family and friends. I can’t separate Chanel from Sam but I am a bit worried about what’s going to happen next. She’s only had her a month and already the police have been involved, I’m just wondering what’s next.’

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