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All Hands On Deck: Conservatives Must Fight Back

August 7, 2011

Now that S&P has downgraded US debt for the first time in history, the public is going to start paying real attention to what is going on. It’s time to forget about would haves, could haves, and should haves. The Left is pouncing on the news and spinning like there’s no tomorrow. This is where conservatives get beaten in the PR war time and time again. We let the Left frame the debate.

I’ve been monitoring the nutroots ever since the downgrade and they’re starting to consolidate their messaging around a very simple talking point.

Boehner got 98% of what he wanted

Anyone who has been following the debt limit debate knows that Boehner meant he had gotten 98% of what he wanted in the final deal which Democrats forced by tabling the ones Republicans had already passed. The House, led by Boehner, passed the Ryan Plan and Cut, Cap, and Balance. Two plans which would have been the kind of long term solutions S&P said we needed to implement.

In order for the talking point to make any sense whatsoever, it must assume that Democrats actually wanted to spend less or that tax hikes would have prevented a downgrade. Again, this is a laughable premise for anyone who has been paying attention. Unfortunately, we live in a sound-bite dominated society. The Left is banking on this and basically throwing out an easy sound-bite which will seep into the public’s consciousness and undermine the facts which they will not bother to research for themselves.

Every conservative blogger, pundit, journalist, and politician needs to get out there right now combating this assault on all of our intelligence and counter it with facts.

We were downgraded because Democrats forced a crappy deal because they were in the majority and tabled our proposals. They negotiated the cuts down. They did. Not Boehner.

Now go. We don’t have much time before “Boehner got 98% of what he wanted” becomes the “conventional wisdom.”

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