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Dead shark found in New Hampshire woods

August 8, 2011

People in Milton, N.H., are wondering how a dead shark wound up in nearby woods, nearly an hour from any seawater.

Lloyd Ellis says his brother discovered the carcass of the 6- to 8-foot shark on private property off a rural road last week, WMUR-TV reported.”He happened to smell something that didn’t smell right, like a dead animal or something, and he came across it Thursday night,” EIlis told the Manchester TV station.

“I can only think that either someone didn’t have a license, because you have to have a license to fish the ocean, and was going to bring it home and someone said, ‘Hey dude, you need a license or something like that.’ Panicking, they probably said, ‘Well, I guess we’ve got to get rid of the evidence.'”

The discovery puzzled local residents, WMUR said.”You think you’d see a deer out in the woods on the ground but a shark, that’s unheard of,” Gui Leighton said.

Peter Jacobs thought it was “awesome.”
“I love it. It is totally shark week, it’s perfect timing,” the Milton man said.
Milton police and New Hampshire Fish and Game officers checked out the shark an decided to leave it to decompose.


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