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TSA seized pregnant woman’s insulin before flight

August 8, 2011

The Transportation Security Administration has apologized to an Aurora woman after taking her insulin before she boarded a flight.

The incident happened at Denver International Airport on Thursday. The woman, who is six months pregnant, was getting ready to board a flight to Phoenix. She said she had traveled with her insulin before and never had a problem.

“Why is it that she was treated with such disrespect? Why is it that she was treated as if she did something wrong?” said the woman’s husband, Aaron Nieman.
Nieman’s wife, who didn’t want CBS4 to use her name, said the ice packs used to keep her insulin from spoiling drew the attention of the TSA.

“It alerted them that I was a threat for explosives,” the woman said. “Me and my husband traveled to Israel recently and I had double the amount and Israel gave us less of a hard time traveling than we had on American soil.”
The TSA said the investigation is continuing, but denies the woman’s claim

that two of the four vials were missing when the screeners were finished with her.

“We talked to all of our people and they said they didn’t touch her insulin,” a TSA director told CBS4.
Nieman is upset that despite repeated emails and calls to the TSA nobody responded.

“I was in tears. You’re putting my unborn child at risk. I don’t think that’s right,” the woman said.
She was able to board the plane with her insulin after the screening.


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