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4 year old thrown from roof to swimming pool

August 11, 2011

Home of morons.

Kids love to be thrown around in the water. But it’s probably not a good idea to take a 4-year-old girl, bring her on the roof of your home, and then try to chuck her into an above-ground pool a good distance away. But that’s what happened to Jasmine Collins…
She was visiting a friend of her mother’s at a home in Washington, North Carolina. Alas, the adults at said home — Camelia Cartwright, Brandon Woolard and Megan Woolard,are what we here in the Promised Land refer to as Huge Friggin’ Morons.

They thought it would be a good idea to chuck the little girl from the roof. The problem is that pool appears to be an adventurous throw with not a lot of room for error. And the two Woolards, believed responsible, were sorely lacking in both pipes and aim.

Jasmine hit the side of the pool instead of the water. She was subsequently taken to two hospitals with unknown but severe internal injuries.We don’t have a ton of detail on the case, but judging by the charges, it appears the Woolards did the throwing, while Cartwright did nothing to stop them.

The Woolards are each charged with assault inflicting serious bodily injury. Cartwright is charged with child abuse inflicting serious bodily injury.

Editors Note: Rarely do I comment on a story but as a parent,I am enraged that these people are still breathing the air that this sweet,unfortunate child does.GOD Bless her and keep her safe.As for these people charged,there’s a place in hell for you!

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