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3 year old boy dies from push pin in school

August 12, 2011

Authorities say a 3-year-old boy died Monday afternoon after choking on a push-pin at an Oceanside preschool.The medical examiner’s office says Tyler Howell of San Diego County died from accidental asphyxiation.

His teacher at Montessori School said the boy began choking at the Cannon Street preschool 1pm on Monday.The youngster gasped and grabbed his neck.He became unresponsive and a passer-by performed CPR.Still, when paramedics arrived they were unable to revive him.

Despite aggressive efforts at the Tri-City Medical Centerto save the boy, he was pronounced dead at a 1.50pm.The official cause was listed as ‘airway obstruction by push-pin’.Police have closed the case and ruled it a tragic accident.

This is the first incident in 12 years of the school being in operation that there has been a safety hazard, according to he state Department of Social Services.Up until now, nothing of this nature has ever happened at the school, according to the department’s Community Care Licensing Division.

In fact, during the most recent May inspection an investigator noted that ‘all hazardous items are stored where they are inaccessible to children’ and at all times there is ‘at least one staff present with a current CPR and first aid certification.’
Tyler’s mother, Aja Howell said she doesn’t blame the school: ‘This was Tyler’s home, everyone was with him till the moment he was gone.’I don’t want any parents to be afraid to come here.’In fact, Aja still sends her daughter to the school and she was in class on Wednesday.

A memorial service is planned for this Sunday.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I was just wondering why a passersby is the one who did the CPR. According to the licensing one staff is present with CPR certification. Why did the staff do the CPR. I found it strange for the licensing to say that. Why didnt the licensing ban the use of push pins. It is common sense that push pins cannot be in any places that the children are present. Licensing should be checking the health and safety of the children and they failed. All I know is if they like the school they will not give you problem but if they do not like the school they will lie.
    I fell bad for the teacher, she works hard just to get a small salary and then her life will be ruined.

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