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US Olympic Ski Team Member Bumped for peeing on Little Girl

August 12, 2011

Robert Vietze, a US Ski Team member, is refusing to apologize after he allegedly peed on a girl aboard a JetBlue flight

He probably just pissed away his Olympic dreams.

The drunken JetBlue passenger who treated a sleeping 11-year-old girl like his personal potty is a member of the US Ski Team who refused to apologize yesterday for the high-altitude humiliation.

Robert “Sandy” Vietze, 18, is among the 75 most elite skiers in the nation — but he may have blown his chance to compete in the 2014 Winter Games in Russia.His name was bumped from the team’s developmental roster yesterday afternoon, although officials refused to comment about his status.The leaky loser expressed no remorse outside his family’s palatial Vermont home, where he ignored questions about the incident and showed no interest in apologizing to his victim.

“We have no comment, nothing to say,” snapped Vietze’s mother, Abigail, as they hauled luggage and ski equipment from a gray BMW.

Vietze had taken the red-eye flight from Portland, Ore., to JFK Wednesday on his way home from a weeklong training camp with the US Ski Team at Mount Hood in Oregon.

It was lousy luck for his young victim, who was flying with her sister and cancer-stricken father on a trip to see her grandmother on eastern Long Island for the first time since his diagnosis.

Soon after takeoff, Vietze stumbled from his seat five rows behind the child and emptied his bladder onto the girl, who was briefly left alone while her dad and sister were in restrooms.
“I was drunk, and I did not realize I was pissing on her leg,” the 6-foot-4, 195-pound Vietze later told cops, according to law-enforcement sources.The girl’s father, a Stage 4 cancer patient, caught Vietze midstream and tried to wipe him out.”F- -k that kid. I don’t want him near my family!” he yelled.

Vietze slurred that he had suffered “an accident,” according to another passenger.Flight attendants had to separate the men.Vietze admitted to cops that he had consumed eight alcoholic beverages before boarding JetBlue Flight 166.He was issued a federal summons for indecent exposure, but federal prosecutors later decided to drop the case, according to Port Authority cops.

The father refused to allow his traumatized 11-year-old daughter to be interviewed by cops, likely sparing Vietze criminal charges.Yesterday, the girl’s family attempted to recover from the disgusting incident by attending the Yankee game.

Last May, when Vietze was invited to join the ski team, he was the toast of the Green Mountain Valley School in Waitsfield, Vt., which describes itself as “a world-class ski academy.He’s a very nice boy, one of the nicest, most respectable young people I’ve ever met,” said a neighbor, Colin Seaman.

“It would be very hard for me to believe that this even happened.”

  1. sergio permalink

    Why isn’t he being charged criminally for his actions. What about being charged for under age drinking. I’m sure his parents are very proud of him and his actions.

  2. How about indecent exposure and as it pertians to an 11 year old girl the exposure should get him not only on a no fly list but he should have to regester as a SEX OFFENDER……

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