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Woman falls into Niagara Falls, presumed dead

August 15, 2011

A young Toronto-area woman is believed to be dead after toppling over a railing and into Niagara Falls on Sunday evening.Niagara Parks Police said the incident happened at about 8:30 p.m. when two female students in their 20s were taking photos next to the Canadian side of the falls.

Trouble arose when one of the women climbed onto the concrete ledge next to Horseshoe Falls to pose for a picture.

Police said the woman was sitting with her legs straddling the barrier. When she attempted to stand up again, she lost her footing and fell into the water below.The woman reportedly plunged into the Niagara River, about 24 metres upstream from the top of the falls. Moments later, the rapid current swept her over the falls.

Horseshoe Falls

Authorities say the woman is believed to have drowned. Foul play is not suspected in connection with her fall.Emergency crews, including the provincial police’s helicopter team, are expected to continue searching for the woman on Monday morning.

The incident comes a day after a 27-year-old man survived a fall into the Niagara Gorge, just north of the Rainbow Bridge.

The London, Ont. man fell into the Gorge after trying to get a better view of Niagara Falls with his friends. He suffered a head injury and a serious leg fracture.


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