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The Great Blow Up Sex Doll Water Race

August 16, 2011

More than 800 Russians have been taking part in the world’s wierdest water race – in which they float down rapids on inflatable dolls.

The annual Bubble Baba (a rude Russian word for ‘woman’) challenge, on the Vuoksa Rapids, 50 miles from Saint Petersburg, takes just three minutes to complete.Organiser and founder Dmitry Bulawinov said it started as a joke at a party “where the men got drunk and the women didn’t show up”.

Mr Bulawinov said that while considering the possible uses for a sex doll on a camping trip, someone suggested it would make a good flotation device. Although hugely outnumbered by enthusiastic males, women do compete in the contest.

Mr Bulawinov said they were allowed to use inflatable men but had to provide their own.”The men are too expensive, we can’t afford them,” he said.


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