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Police dog chews off man’s penis

August 17, 2011

Cody Melancon

A man has sued for $31m after claiming a police dog almost chewed off his private parts.

Cody Melancon claims he has been left impotent after a police K-9 bit into his groin area unnecessarily.The 25 year old has launched a $31m lawsuit for damages against police in Gretna, Louisiana, claiming the canine was set on him for no apparent reason.Melancon said the attack last May has left him sexually dysfunctional.

He said a doctor has recommended sexual enhancement pills and he faces neurosurgery in hopes of restoring the use of his penis, which was almost completely severed by the dog’s bites.’I don’t have any sensation down there,’ Melancon said. ‘I’m 25 years of age.’

Melancon claims in legal papers that police had no reason to set one of their K-9’s on him after he had surrendered for arrest.He said they wanted to arrest him over an assault charge.After initially hiding in his apartment he agreed to give himself up when officers threatened to send in a dog.

Melancon said he was kneeling on the floor with his hands locked behind his head waiting to be handcuffed when the police dog called Zin attacked.He said the dog chomped down on his groin area and his private parts were almost severed when the dog’s handler tried to pull him away.

Doctors were able to re-attach his penis after an emergency operation but he has suffered lasting nerve damage.

The lawsuit seeking damages said Melanco ‘sustained severe and debilitating injuries’ that has caused severe mental anguish, and loss of sexual function.
It also claims Zin has bitten other people before.Melancon was charged with resisting arrest and obstruction of justice.

Police have claimed he disobeyed their orders and was bitten when he attempted to flee.


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