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Woman locked up in prison toilet by mistake

August 17, 2011

Les Nicolles Prison

A woman visiting her husband in prison was locked in a toilet for 23 hours by guards who failed to realise she was missing.

The inmate’s wife had gone to use the facilities during visiting hours but a
warder got distracted.She ended up having to spend a night trapped there with no food until the toilet block was opened again the next day.

Les Nicolles Prison on the channel island of Guernsey has launched an investigation into the incident and the woman has been issued an apology.
However, there are fears that she may now sue.A source told the Daily Mirror: ‘The poor woman was in a terrible state. She banged on the door and shouted for help but no one heard her.

‘Visitors have to hand their mobile phones in so she couldn’t phone for help either. In the end she had no option but to curl up and sleep.
She looked completely bedraggled and was cold and hungry. It was a real blunder and an extremely serious lapse in security.’
Friends and relatives of inmates were counted out of the visiting hall but the woman split off from a group to use the toilet.
The island’s home minister, Geoff Mahy, said: ‘One of the guards was distracted, which is no excuse, and the lady was inadvertently locked in. The officer concerned is very upset and has apologised.’


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