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Qaddafi’s Day May Be Over!

August 22, 2011

Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya both report that rebel forces in Libya have captured Saif Al-Islam Qaddafi, the “favored son” once viewed by Westerners as the great democratic hope for Libya’s future — until recent events found him actively supporting the regime and politics of his father, leader Moammar Qaddafi, and a new Libya under Islamist rule.

Meantime, as Tripoli burns and rebels close in, according to Al-Arabiya reports, Gaddafi remains defiant:

“In an audio message broadcast on Libyan state TV, Colonel Qaddafi said he would stay in Tripoli “until the end” and called on his supporters around the country to help liberate the capital from a rebel offensive.

“The time is now to fight for your politics, your oil, your land,” he said. “I am with you in Tripoli – together until the ends of the earth,” Col. Qaddafi shouted.

Saif Al-Islam Qaddafi studied economics and global democracy in London and has been known to socialize with Western artists and intellectuals; recently, however, a report showed that his Ph.D. thesis, entitled ”The role of civil society in the democratisation of global governance institutions: from ‘soft power’ to collective decision-making“, had been largely plagiarized — a telling clue to the deception that is his life. (See my earlier story on him for Forbes here.)

With Saif-Al Islam gone, and Tripoli falling, Libya’s future could be just about anywhere right now. Rarely do such precarious moments enter human history. My thoughts are with the Libyan people.


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