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How Much Money Does the Average Police Officer Make?

August 23, 2011

Working as a police or highway patrol officer can be an exciting and rewarding career. While keeping the roads safe for others, officers can earn an above average income — over $50,000 annually after just 12 months, according to a 2010 Payscale report.

Job Experience
Level of experience plays a big role in salary, according to a 2010 survey at Police and highway patrol officers just starting out are reporting earning between $30,308 and $44,353 a year. After five years, these workers are earning between $38,159 and $64,394, and those on the job for a decade report topping out at $70,735 a year.

Geography plays a role in how much officers earn. Professionals working in the state of New Jersey are earning some of the highest incomes in the field, ranging between $45,802 and $87,413 a year. Some of the lowest salaries for police and highway patrol officers are in North Carolina, where workers report earning between $30,445 and $42,842 a year.

Males Slightly Ahead
Males could be out-earning their female counterparts in the police and highway patrol officer field. According to a survey of 2,151 professionals, males reported earning between $36,897 and $63,895 a year. Those female officers surveyed reported earning between $35,121 and $57,953 annually.


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