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Casey Anthony Reports for Probation in Florida

August 25, 2011

Casey Anthony reported for probation in Florida Wednesday, according to her lead defense counsel Jose Baez.

Anthony will serve probation “somewhere in the state  of Florida,” though the exact location of her probation office is being kept  secret over concerns for her safety.

“She reported,” Attorney Jose Baez told Fox News.  “She told the officer she understands the conditions of her probation and she  was told the date for her next appearance.”

Judge Belvin Perry ruled earlier in August that  Anthony had until Aug. 26 to return to Florida to serve 12 months’ probation for  a check-fraud conviction, upholding a sentence by Judge Stan Strickland.

By the conditions of her probation, Anthony can not  drink in excess, break any laws, and must report periodically at a time  determined by law and the officer. She is also forbidden from leaving the  jurisdiction without specific written permission.

Due to security concerns, Anthony has been granted a  waiver stating she will not have to obtain employment. Instead, she must attend  school, which “will be online,” according to Baez.

The 25-year-old pleaded not guilty to the  first-degree murder charge in a trial that made headlines globally, claiming a  babysitter kidnapped her toddler. After she was acquitted, she was released from  jail and dropped from public sight.


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