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Mom sends little kids shoplift

August 27, 2011

As these young children wander into a local newsagents, they look like they’re just eager to grab a fizzy drink.

But as the CCTV video continues, it becomes clear that the tiny pair are actually shoplifters – and apparently aged just six and four.
The girl and boy sneak into the shop in Liverpool, apparently on the orders of their mother who waits outside, and fill their arms with sweets and fizzy drinks.

At one point the boy, who is barely eye level with a 3ft high shelf of cereal bars, peeks behind the aisle as a look-out while the older girl, who is too short to reach a can of energy drink Red Bull, has to clamber onto a fridge.
The shop owner Sammi Mohammed passed the heartbreaking footage to the Liverpool Echo.

The girl can be seen grabbing her haul and then turning towards the door, where Mr Mohammed heard her shout: ‘This one mum?’.

Copying his older accomplice, the younger boy helps himself to sweets and snacks, before they both dash out of the door and, apparently, into the arms of their demanding mother.A shocked customer looks on in disbelief as the pair brazenly help themselves.

The pair targeted Mr Mohammed’s shop shortly after 1.45pm on Tuesday while he had a number of customers during the busy lunchtime period.Mr Mohammed said: ‘I just fear for the future for those kids if they grow up thinking that is OK, that is a normal thing to do.

‘I had customers in the shop and by the time I’d got out they were long gone.
‘What could I have done anyway, they were small children?’The shopkeeper said he believes they were no more than six and four in age.

The astonished shopkeeper told the girl to get down, but she just ignored him and carried on in her quest for the can of drink.He then followed the children as they ran out of the shop, called Muskars on Dale Street in Liverpool city centre, with their spoils, but was too late.

Mr Mohammed, 31, said it was the first time he’d seen children being instructed to steal to order in five years in retail.He said: ‘If this is how they are behaving now, what sort of teenagers and adults will they turn into?’

Mr Mohammed said the episode shows there is something deeply wrong in certain sections of society.He said: ‘What hope is there for those kids if the parents are bringing them up to steal?

‘We saw all those problems with the riots a couple of weeks back – in 10 years time if it happens again, they will be two of the looters because they won’t have learned that it is wrong to steal.

‘Something needs to be done to give those children a chance. The value of the items isn’t much, but the way they did it just shows how damaged some people are in Britain today.’


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