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How do the 99% feel about The American Flag

October 25, 2011

There is no doubt where their patriotism stands!

  1. Argus permalink

    Patriotism is a conditioned reflex. Is your knee-jerk unthinking reflexive ‘kill or die’ patriotism justified?

    Perhaps you’d like to shoot that dog …

    • If you are proud of your country and it has been great to you,patriotism is justified.The people I admire,love and respect are here and are worth a kill or die response.Do you believe in protecting your children,your family and friends with your life? I do and I have. We are free to disrespect ,or respect as we feel.We are free not to like others disrespect as long as we don’t harm their rights or well-being.As for the dog,he is doing what dogs do.Why would I want to harm an animal?

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