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TSA takes to the streets

October 25, 2011

By Phill Hill USA 10/25/2011

Now the TSA and Department of Homeland Security are branching out of airports and sea ports to harass citizens on the very streets and roads they must use to travel between work and home and other Fourth Ammendment protected travel.
All this under the guise of searching for terrorism on the road.
The government is going entirely to far and its underlying intent is to get the public used to government harassment and eventually taking away the rights of all law abiding citizen.
This is being coupled with more government attempts to lie to its citizen about FOIA request and circumventing the Constitution by inacting laws through Executive Powers Act.The U.S. Government is totally out of controll and steps should be taken to curtail these attempt as soon as humanly possible.
Below is the video of TSA checkpoints in Tennesse.

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