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ATF attempts to Fabricate Evidence to Jail Whistleblowers

October 26, 2011

In response to whistleblowers and reporters who have revealed significant corruption within the agency, the ATF has apparently undertaken a systematic effort to retaliate against anyone who has shone the light on the agency’s illegal activity, particularly with regard to Operation Fast and Furious, also known as Project Gunwalker. Within the last 24 hours information has come to light indicating a dangerous and deadly pattern on the part of ATF supervisors to punish agents who talk and to intimidate reporters who put the pressure on Congress to reign in an agency that is obviously out of control.

According to veteran ATF agents who post at the site, agency supervisors have retaliated against whistleblower agents in a variety of ways. First, supervisors have made it clear that their goal is to fire such agents. Working under such a threat is in itself a heavy load to bear. Second, supervisors have attempted to frame whistleblower agents for crimes they did not commit. And third, supervisors have refused to grant added protection to whistleblowers whose cover was blown once they went public, leaving them vulnerable to death threats and actions aimed at killing them and their families.

One whistleblower, Peter Forcelli, had to be reassigned to protect him from retaliation by the Phoenix field office once he testified before Congress. John Dodson, the agent who became the face of the whistleblowers due to his now-infamous interviews on CBS and Fox News, has suffered having his name dragged through the mud, along with various and sundry other actions to make him pay for his ‘crime’ of going public.

And then, there is the case of agent Jay Dobyns, a decorated 25-year veteran of the ATF who was singularly responsible for infiltrating and exposing criminal activity associated with the gang ‘Hell’s Angels.’ Dobyns was one of the agents who spoke out about the corruption within the ATF.

At the conclusion of Dobyns’ undercover work in 2008, he began receiving credible death threats associated with his work in putting behind bars the most notorious of the Hell’s Angels. It so happened that Dobyns worked out of the Phoenix field division office, and his immediate supervisors were William Newell, George Gillett, and William McMahon, all of whom have been identified as the alleged key perpetrators of the Fast and Furious scheme.

Dobyns took all of the threats directly to Phoenix Field Division Special Agent in Charge William Newell, who proceeded to do absolutely nothing. All of the threats aimed directly at Dobyns and his family were ignored by the supervisory team in Phoenix.

Then, Dobyns’ house was set on fire at 3 A.M. while his wife, son, and daughter were asleep inside. There was strong evidence that members of the Hell’s Angels were responsible, but once again, Newell refused to investigate. Instead, Newell allowed at least one member of his supervisory team, along with other agents in the Phoenix office, to attempt to frame Dobyns himself for the fire.

According to a report filed by Katie Pavlich on October 21, 2011, Newell and others in the Phoenix office ‘conspired to destroy and fabricate evidence’ in order to ‘prove’ that Agent Dobyns had set his own house on fire with his entire family inside.

Further, Pavlich asserts that the attempt to destroy Agent Dobyns was a ‘test run’ for William Newell who was already anticipating the lengths to which he would have to go in order to perpetrate and then cover up the Gunwalker scheme.

The dangerous and deadly scheming of ATF supervisors against agents who dare tell the truth has spilled over to include reporters.

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