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Biden lies,reporter threatened,Obama claims Republicans at fault

October 26, 2011

By Phill Hill USA 10/25/2011

Joe Biden uses scare tactics to sway opinions on Obama’s Jobs Bill that in itself is simply a handout to public unions who donate most of the union money to his campaigne.The jobs bill was never ment to be passed but was thrown together to distort Republican reputations and claim they had rather get rid of Obama than ‘do good’ by the american people.Such an obvious ploy,this fact has been brushed aside by the White House,most Democrats and the mainstream media who is in the tank for the president and has been since his election.
Biden and the President’s people have claimed and strongly pushed the lie that Republicans won’t pass the bill.In facts available in congressional record,the Senate who is Democratically controlled,has not had enough votes even from fellow Democrats to pass the bill.
Senator Harry Reid has claimed the Republicans are holding up the bill when in fact they are the minority and don’t have the votes to deny its passing.Media outlets such as MSNBC,CNN and even my hometown local news WSFA channel 12 Montgomery Alabama,have falsley blamed the Republicans for the Senate failing to pass the bill.As any educated reader can google the Senates voting results,rumors still abound about these false claims.
It is my belief that no just outcome can come from either the administration’s or the mainstream media’s continuous stream of lies for the gain of the corrupt White House and The Obama Machine.Much like his Chicago mafia backers,the President uses bullying and misinformation to try to win his next term in office.The President and The Department of Justice brush off every charge of illegal activity that they are accused of and our nation will suffer great consequences for years to come because of these lies and illegal activities.
Now the reporter who uestioned Biden’s factually incorrect rant is being threatened by no other than the White House itself.

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