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Washington Times Makes It Official: Iran Already Nuclear Armed

October 30, 2011

By Sean Osborne 30 October 2011

Last Thursday, 27 October, The Washington Times published an article written by the pseudnym and former-CIA mole within the Iranaian Revolutionary Guard corps (IRGC) ‘Reza Khalili.’ The article headlined should come as no suprise to long-time readers of the Northeast Intelligence Network. I began reporting the same information back in March 2005 with updates and additional information publshed in 2006, 2007, 2008 and then in 2009 with my report carried by Canada Free Press. Not to steal any thunder from Reza Kahlili’s report, but the Northeast Intelligence Network was ahead of the curve on the nuclear-armed Iran issue by a whopping six years, or just enough time to put the finishing touches on a working warhead design to mount on a validated ballistic missile delivery system.

Kahlili’s report provides several paragraphs of necessary background information on the Iranian nuclear weapons program given the accuteness of the American public’s attention deficit disorder. Apparently most of us believed our Bush Administration’s stated position that Iran under an apocalyptic-minded Twelver regime would never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapons production capability. In Novemeber 2008 a majority of American’s opted for “change you can believe in” and the Obama Administration’s pledge that sanctions along with our allies nuclear non-proliferation regime was up to the task.

Americans were wrong on both counts. Kahlili reveals in this article that former US Air Force Captain Mathew Nasuti attended a U.S. State Department briefing in March 2008 in which the briefer asserted it was “common knowledge” that iran had “acquired tactical nuclear weapons from one or more of the former Soviet republics.” Oh, you mean like the Kh-55 cruise missiles with their 200kT nuclear warheads smuggled out of the Ukraine? Kahlili also reports that Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer of “Able Danger” fame said his sources reveal that Iran has ” two workable nuclear warheads.”

What amazes me is that it took this long, six full years, for an American mainstream newspapaer to finally publish something more than prima facie evidence of a clear and present Iranian nuclear threat to these United States. Remember, Iran has been at war with the United States since the current regime of Ayatollah’s invaded our Embassy in Tehran 32 years ago. What will amaze me even further is if the Obama Administration will actually act in the defense of the United states and our allies against this Iranian threat. If only a true Ronald Reagan-minded Conservative with the testicular fortitude to act were present and accounted for we might have a fighting chance before an Iranian nuke turns off our electrical grid.

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