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November 5, 2011

4th November 2011 by Administrator in Economy |Politics |Social Issues

It just wouldn’t be an important government report if it wasn’t spun positively, even though it is atrocious and fake. Here is the headline on Marketwatch:


Wow. It must have been an awesome number. But wait, the reported number was 80,000. That was 20,000 below the numbers predicted by the clueless lying economists. But now the best part. The BLS created 102,000 fake jobs from their model that guesses how many jobs were created by small businesses. Their little model has added 530,000 fake jobs this year. They will be “ADJUSTED” out of existence next year on a Friday night after the markets close.

The drones at the BLS also report that the unemployment rate dropped to 9%. Here is the data: (copy and paste to browser)

Here is the key takeaway from my point of view. Supposedly the unemployment rate has fallen from 9.7% last October to 9.0% this October. This is amusing since the number of people of working age rose by 1,739,000 since last October and the number of employed Americans only went up by 1,218,000 since last October. It seems mathematically impossible that the unemployment rate could go down.

But, you’re not thinking like a government drone. You see, 1,501,000 lucky Americans have decided to kick back and leave the workforce. They don’t really want a job, so the government drones don’t include them in their little calculations. PRESTO!!! The unemployment rate is much lower.

The funny thing is that the number of people on food stamps reached a new record of 45.8 million last month. How can this be with the unemployment rate going down? I must be missing something. I need to start thinking like a government drone.

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