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Obama campaigning today, doing online chat while storm pounds Louisiana

August 29, 2012

Ace flagged this yesterday but I want to amplify it now. Because Isaac has finally hit full force, we’re bound to experience some truly excruciating media hackery tonight about Republicans daring to stoop to partisan politics while Louisianans suffer. Be advised: The guy who actually runs the federal government’s emergency-response apparatus is in Charlottesville, Virginia as I write this desperately trying to convince college students that letting him rocket the country towards a fiscal meltdown is good for their future. According to standard presidential protocol, he shouldn’t be campaigning at all this week. Usually the incumbent stays off the trail as a courtesy to the other party when they hold their convention. But because, contra Vice President Chains, O’s top priority is first, last, and always his own reelection, that protocol is up in smoke. Even when there’s a hurricane over New Orleans that should, in theory, require his undivided attention.

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