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Muslims Blame America for Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Overrunning US Embassy in Cairo

September 12, 2012

Via Weasel Zippers

Muslims Blame America for Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Overrunning US Embassy in Cairo

Sadly, Obama probably agrees, it’s our fault.
EL-ARISH, Egypt – U.S. diplomatic compounds came under attack in two Muslim countries on Tuesday, with the walls of the embassy in Cairo breached by protesters and a consulate in Libya under attack by militants.

A group of protesters scaled the wall of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo on Tuesday evening and entered its outer grounds, pulled down an American flag, then tried to burn it outside the embassy walls, according to witnesses. In Benghazi, Libya, the consulate was attacked by militants, and Libyan and American officials were working to secure the compound, a State Department spokeswoman said. […]

Earlier Tuesday, the U.S. Embassy in Egypt had condemned insults to religion, saying in a statement that “we firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”

A spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Morsi is a member, said that the United States should do a better job of protecting Islam.

“It isn’t a matter of freedom of speech,” said Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Mahmoud Gozlan. “It’s a matter of a holy Islamic symbol.”

These Rioters ideals are much the same as Obama’s They Must Be more important than Our Freedom of Speech is.Today He said It was America’s fault that these crazy sons of bitches overrun our embassy! In Lybia a pack of the same ‘Idealist/Jihadist’ killed an American Embassy worker in Lybia.


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  1. Ann permalink

    Re: “Sadly, Obama probably agrees, it’s our fault.” OH NO…IF (a BIG “if”) Obama thinks it’s our (his) fault, I’ve got ocean front property in Arizona to sell ya. NOTHING is Obama’s fault. It’s Bush’s, Romney’s, Republican’s, Christians, America’s, the tsunami’s, ATM’s, ANYTHING other than his pathetic policies (or lack thereof). I will vote anybody or anything BUTT Obama. He does nothing but blame America….he’s UNAmerican, he’s unpatriotic.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    sick of seeing all these ppl bash america, we have to take God and all things that this country
    was founded on because someone from another country who is on our soil doesnt like or agree. i am an american and i want my country back!

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