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Islamic supremacists demands Interpol enforce blasphemy laws on the net

September 15, 2012

Here again, more reasons why the interwebs, domain mapping and control, etc., should stay out of the hands of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation)-driven UN. They will impose Islam on free nations.

Interpol actively aids in hunting down apostate (converts) out of Islam. Interpol, that notoriously compromised international organization, is not my concern, but I worry for our counter-jihad colleagues abroad. Free speech is not a luxury they enjoy as it is. This is fast becoming the defining issue of the Presidential election.

Free speech vs sharia. Obama has made clear on what side of slavery he comes down on. The American people must be made aware of what is at stake.

Egypt Imams say film makers deserve death

“If one well-known Pakistani politician gets his way, international law will forbid “anti-Islam” material from the Internet” The DC

Friday afternoon, Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik wrote in a series of tweets that he has spoken with and written to the Secretary General of Interpol about enacting an international law to stop all anti-Islam propaganda online.

He followed it up with a response to fellow tweeter Kanwal Zahra Zaidi (@KanwalZaidi), noting that the “Anti Islam element must stop hurting Muslims.”

Malik concluded with a tweet reiterating his initial contention, that propagating anti-Islam material is a “crime” and that it must be stopped.

Interpol is the world’s largest international policing body, with 190 member countries. This week Muslims have been up in violent arms over a film with depicts their prophet Muhammad in a poor light.

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