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Sign the Petition Save the Country. Please Sign

September 26, 2012

For the entire Presidential Candidacy of Barack Obama the Mainstream Media has hidden the details of his background,his beliefs and his radical associations with America hating communist and even convicted terrorists.They know that any of his know associations and anti-colonialist convictions would instantly derail Obama’s chance of re-election.
After seeing 2016 The Movie I decided something has to be done.
I believe the more people who see this movie the more people who will have a true understanding of this modern-day real life American Villan.

Please sign this petition ‘Show the Movie Save our Country’ .This movie,if seen by enough people would definitely make a huge impact on the voting public.Please see it and take some friends.I saw it yesterday in Auburn at the Carmike’s Cinema.The movie was so interesting! The crowd was around 100 or so viewers (small town) and I’ve never been in a quieter respectful audience.It was a very nice.So go see it.If you want to know all about Barack Obama and the reason he makes the decisions he does,SEE THE MOVIE ! 2016 ! Sign the Petition Save the Country !

Any Obama ad put on this  page is done so by WordPressed.It goes against all that this blogger believes in.This goes to show that the actual MSM is everywhere. I intend to send angry emails until this is stopped.Thank You for your help and your time.I recieve no money from this advertiser.

  1. Anonymous permalink

    -Looking at someones BACK ground means one thing. You’re not moving forward. Regardless of ones past, poeple do and will change. I like to see the changes as we go and leave the past behind.

    • If you want me to lean forward,you best not hold your breath.If you are that blind you can’t be helped and resources won’t be available from the government to help you.You might live to see the truth as a nuke over the US takes out the power grid. But I guess if she’s ok with you,a nuke over US soil would be fine with you!

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