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Good Riddance Obama

November 6, 2012



Over the past 4 years I have stayed very busy in an attempt to learn all that I could about President Barrack Hussein Obama!What I have learned on this public figure would read like an indictment in a courtroom.

I am astounded at the corruption,graft,deception and his attempt to turn this country into a 3rd world country.You can believe it or not but he has said it himself repeatedly.

Obama was raised to think his absent father was some kind of Muslim hero.He was a freedom fighter fighting against the British Occupation of many 3rd world nations including Kenya.Obama Sr. was a very radical figure.

Although Obama wrote his son,he never met him but once and only for a short visit.Obama idolized his father and took up his struggle to take down the colonial powers around the world.Obama’s books tell of those ideals and dreams from Obama’s father and his contempt and hate for Western Europe and the United States,

This is why he seems to be an inept at running the country.He is not trying to help his country like he claims.He wants the US brought down a few notches.He blames us for the oppressed all over the world and has decided he will be the one to bring us down.

As an American, I am insulted by the fact that so many citizens don’t care enough to read his books or listen to his speeches and yet call conservatives or anyone else for that matter,that has uncovered what he really means when he says ‘We are going to fundamentally change this country’ , racist,liars and any number of hate filled things.

Obama says he wants to redistribute the wealth,so many Americans think he means from America’s rich to America’s poor.THIS IS NOT SO!!!

Obama wants to take money from US citizens and companies and ‘REDISTRIBUTE’ them to other countries that he deems victims of Colonialism.

His goals are stated but unfortunately the school system in this country has generated generations of non and barely educated people who only have the capability to believe what they are told and are not interested in their own futures enough to do the research to find out what you should know about someone you intend to vote for to run your country.

I have put my heart and soul to exposing the things this villan is doing to my country.

If he cares about the poor he wouldn’t make laws that run up the cost of education,food,electricity,gas.He wouldn’t cut oil drilling permits and veto the pipeline to bring cheap fuel from Canada.He wouldn’t have his EPA making rules that require technology that has never been invented on coal production and coal-fired electrical plants that have effectively shut the industry down.

If he was a Commander-in-Chief he would take advice from his Military Advisors in the field and Seal Team Six members would not be dead because he purposely leaked info on who it was that killed Osama Bin Laden and where they were.And last but most importantly 4 men would not have died in Benghazi because he sat on his ass as he listened to the pleas from the men under attack there and denied them help 3 separate times.

In my opinion he should be jailed for the Benghazi incident alone.I am not alone in that one by several million.The sooner he is gone the faster we can start to repair the damage that this criminal has done to this country.

If he is thrown out of office in handcuffs and perp-walked like he did to the guy that made the film clip that the Obama Administration blamed falsely for the Benghazi incident.The only thing he could do to make up for it would be to leave a note and commit Seppuku.Since he is a sociopath that will never happen but we can all just pray for real hope and real change and get rid of this lying trouble making and extremely prejudice president once and for all.

That’s my opinion and that’s the way I see it.

Goodbye and Good Riddance !!!

Thank You All !!!


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