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Passing it down to the next generation

April 15, 2013
My daughter  at the archery range. See the concentration in those eyes!

My daughter at the archery range. See the concentration in those eyes!

My father was a diverse and multi-talented man.Lots of the things he taught me,he learned from his father.Two better role models would be hard to find.

My father and grandfather both ran multiple businesses simultaneously.Each very smart men with excellent people skills.Both were hard working and enjoyed moderate success.In other words,we never ‘needed’ for anything but we were by no means monitarily rich.We were rich in the important way!

As I got older,I was blessed to share in several ventures with my father as did my younger brother.What has always been the greatest gift from my father and grandfather was the lessons I learned from them as a child.

As well as business experience,both men gave me the knowledge and means to hunt,fish and live off the land.I could shoot a Thompson about the same time the training wheels came off of my bike.I nailed a deer with the homemade bow my grandfather made for me at the age of 10.

We camped many weekends on the creek that ran through our land.Our camping most of the time,was a weekend long trotline fishing trip.Let me tell you,Uphapee Creek had 60+lbs catfish when I was a kid.My grandfather taught me to noodle also but I am to this day,a trotline enthusiatist.

My father always had a big garden in which we worked our butts off.My grandfather however,had a farm.Three acres of garden from which we fed ourselves,18 acres of graze field and many acres of hunting land beside Uphapee Creek (in Macon County Al.just outside Tuskegee).We had cows,chickens and hogs to provide our subsistence as well.

This way of life taught me many prepper related skills.We hunted,fished and farmed for much of our food back then.As a result,we also butchered, canned,dried,pickled,salted and smoked to preserve the food we worked hard to raise and hunted and fished for.Waste was not an option.To waste is disrespecting GOD’s bounty.

I’ll tell you,one cannot beat smoked ham,fresh eggs,homemade biscuits with tomato gravy for Sunday breakfast.That being said,you really can’t beat home cooked meals from your own stock.

I loved these things as a child and want my daughter to enjoy them as well.I am happy to pass down my knowledge to her.Let me just say to one of her many credits,you don’t have to bait her hook buddy.She loves fishing and camping. She shoots like a champ with a bow and you don’t see many her age target shoot as good as she does.She wants a new tent for her next birthday two weeks from now.I feel very proud of her.

My father and grandfather passed along their love and respect for nature to me.So now that I am the father of a 10 year old daughter that would rather be camping than playing with Barbies,I am so happy that I can share my knowledge with her.The circle of life is nearly complete.

Teach your kids the important things in life.Survival is not optional,it’s everything.You will love the time spent with your kids and it will bring you much closer together as well.What’s not to love about that?

Be your children’s hero! My dad and grandfather will always be mine.So pass it down! They will thank you for it one day!

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