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GOD Bless our Local and State Heroes,We have only them to thank

May 29, 2013


Local and State law enforcement do an outstanding job keeping us safe.My hat is off and I could not be prouder of them in this state and all over the country,for that matter.
Federal agencies however,have had their hands tied by regulations,presidential proclamations and DHS foolishness.It’s enough to turn your stomache.Why is the federal arm of law enforcement acting contrary to our interests?
It’s just this simple. The administration that we are,nothing less than afflicted with, peratrates on the American people,their social agenda while picking and choosing the laws that they think should be enforced and ignoring the laws that do not suit ‘their agenda’.
DHS is the biggest den of snakes I have ever seen.Trust me,I have seen some things.Lies,scandals and incompetence is their forte.They are good at fooling the generally unknowing public.
It is so troubling that most people have no idea what these ‘Mafia Plants’ are doing to this country.
Evil thrives in hard times.And every bit of our national disparity is linked back to the thugs that proclaim there outrage over their very own actions.
If you don’t think the Chicago Mob reaks the benefits of our situation,you are living in a fantasy land.
Who do you think influenced Obamacare? Nancy Pelosi did not gain $22 million dollars in 3 years from smart investments.
Let me just say this.We are being played by both sides.Make no mistake,there are only a handful of people on Capitol Hill that care and are fighting for our freedom.Support them.You can easily see the ones I speak of.
We must get the Chicago thugs out of the government,and with any means and at any price!
We are too close to the edge and we are in danger losing every aspect of what makes us the greatest country in the world.Stand up America,before we are all nothing more than chattel!

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