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NSA data collecting.What could go wrong?

June 10, 2013


News came from The Guardian,a UK news agency,this week about the US government spying on Verizon customers.Next it came out that all phone data was being tracked and recorded.Some 3 billion phone calls and texts per day.
Next,this week,came the news that all internet searches,chats,photos,videos, every keystroke you type while online,were being put in a national database.Every website we visit,our bank transactions,business conversations,all essential recoreds recorded.Social security numbers,passwords,credit card data and pins,addresses of our contacts and family members and friends,everything recorded.
They claim that only meta data is being recorded from our phones but that is simply not true.I will get back to this statement in just a minute.
All of us that use the internet for social media know that we use these sites to talk to and share information,interests,family photos and more,with friends family and business contacts.
The government is trying minimizing the scope of the danger posed by saying,”knowbody is listening to your calls unless your involved in terrorism”.Wrong again.
We pay our bills and make purchases online from home pc,laptops and smart phones.So there goes SSN numbers,credit card numbers,pin and passwords as well as bank records and even credit scores.They know what you buy when,where and from whom you buy it.
After the exposing of the IRS’ targeting certain political and religious groups to harass them and minimize democrat campaign opposition,why would we think the government would not use any and all information ‘data mined’ to learn of people opposing them.After all they are doing it now with the IRS.
The secret FISA Court (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court) makes decisions that are not subject to FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and nothing they do is subject to public scrutiny at all.In other words they answer to no one but president.We all know that safe that is!
They issue warrents so different agencies can investigate terror suspects.Well,it looks like now everyone that does not communicate by using 2 tin cans a string is a terror suspect.
Eric Holder had no problem lying to 3 Federal Court Judges to gather and intercept information to us against James Rosen and the AP.Holder could not get the first 2 judges to sign the warrant so kept shopping his lies around until he found one that bought the blatent lies.
The president and many other top officials claim they only collect meta information.Simply put,numbers of both or all parties that make a call,time of day,length of calls and the GPS location of each side of a call.Claims saying they do not record conversations areprobably the biggest falsehood of all their claims.
Several officials have stated that they keep these records so that if need be they can then go get a FISA warrant.Then they could access the actual conversations of the subjects listed on the warrents.These statements seemed to have slipped the media’s attention.
How can you go back and recall from a data bank,a conversation that was not recorded on any data base?It’s just not possible.If it is not recorded and kept in a server somewhere you cannot do it.
Nxet comes the Affordable Care Act AKA Obamacare.All medical records of everyone in the country will soon be added to the great giant government tracking banks.They will then have every scrap of information about our lives.
They can now pull up anything on anybody that comes to mind at the whim of a government official.Just ask the victims of IRS scandal if they trust their information in the hands of the government.
But don’t worry.What could happen to you? Right?


Check out the new NSA data storage facility at the link below.

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