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Rubio Caught Lying to Americans about the Immigration Bill

June 18, 2013


Marco Rubio has been caught talking out of both sides of his mouth, so to speak.He tells  English speaking citizens that the immigration bill will not let any illegal get a green card until the border between Mexico and The United States is secured.This so-called assurance is to be verified by Janet Napolitano.

Napolitano is the Secretary of Homeland Security.She has lied to cover the fact that illegals pour through our porous borders and endanger and kill American citizens.She lied about guns straw bought and sold to Mexican drug cartels.She lied to the family of Brian Terry about government involvement in the death of their son.She denied them recourse in a civil matter by falsifying the role of the DHS and the DOJ in their son’s death.She was responsible for tying the hands of Immagration and Customs Agents by stopping deportation of illegals and releasing over 2,000 illgeals held by I.C.E. a week before the sequester “supposedly” made it impossible to afford to hold dangerous criminals.And all this time overseeing the TSA thugs that steal from passangers and feel up children and the elderly.Letting her decide if this country has secured our borders is like letting the fox decide if the hen house is secured.I wouldn’t let her name a mule.

It really makes no difference if current illegals get a green card today or 15 years from now.Rubio says they will have to go to the back off the line.That at best, is idiocy.They are already here.They don’t have to leave the country so I don’t see that being “at the end of the line for a green card”at all. They will have to pay back taxes and a $2,000 fine.What? They don’t have tax records,.They have worked “under the table”.There is no proof for charging them back taxes.And a $2,ooo fine? Chicken feed! Almost anyone that has to pay a fine for even misdemeanors would have to pay the court more than that.This is nothing but lip service!

So,in order to get the illegal immigrant and Latino vote,Rubio along with John McCain, Charles Schumer, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, Michael Bennet ,Robert Menendez and Dick Durbin have come up with this underhanded play for amnesty.

It is being supported by interests that use illegal workers to pad their profit margin, ie agri-business and the likes.  A small group of people met in secret, special interests.The American people were not involved. Nobody was really representing the average working American. They weren’t  in the room. But you had the La Raza there, the Chamber of Commerce there. You  had the ag growers and the meat packers, and the unions. The Immigration Lawyers Association was there.

The Gang of Eight split this week over an amendment sponsored by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) to bar immigrants with provisional legal status from receiving earned income tax credits. The amendment failed in the Judiciary panel.

Jeff Sessions on the “Gang of 8” Immigration Bill ~ Click link below for video:

After Marco Rubio was caught telling his English speaking constituents and other countrymen that “no legalization of illegal immigrants could possibly take place until the border was proclaimed secure”.At the same time,he told the Latino audience of Univision that “amnesty would come first and then the border would be secured later”.

YOU CANNOT TRUST the Gang of 8.They are the ‘Gang of 8 paid off politicians’ plain and simple.

Here is the interview Marco Rubio gave Sean Hannity after he was caught dead to rights lying to Americans.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) apologized to Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity  on his nationally-syndicated radio program on Wednesday after being caught  telling different things to Spanish and English audiences about the “Gang of  Eight” immigration bill. According to the Washington Examiner’s Byron York, Rubio told Hannity that he  “probably should have been more artful in the use of terms” when he claimed on  Univision to a Spanish-speaking audience that the bill first legalizes America’s  at least 11 million illegal immigrants, then provides for increased border  security after. “Let’s be clear, nobody is talking about preventing the legalization,” Rubio  said on Univision on Sunday. “The legalization is going to happen. That means  the following will happen: first comes the legalization. Then come the measures  to secure the border. And then comes the process of permanent  residence.” Rubio went on to say during that Univision interview that such  “legalization” measures in this bill are “not conditional.”

Marco Rubio on Hannity ~ Click link below for video:

Don’t support this sham legislation.Just remember these crooks at election time.

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