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Obama’s Criminal Record Excludes Him as a Presidential Candidate

June 20, 2013


Back in 1979 he was arrested for possession of Marijuana and Cocaine. He was driving down the road and got pulled over by the police for speeding.

The cops noticed something was not right in his car. He had a lot of air fresheners and he was not acting normal. He was nervous and acting a little drunk. Police figured he must be using some drugs or something.

They also saw his girl friend in the car and she had a bruise on her face. It looked like someone had hit her. The cops brought a dog to check the car for drugs and questioned Obama and his girl friend to see if he was abusing her. They knew he did hit her, they just could not prove it and Obama and his girl friend would not admit it either.

Luckily for him, he only had a small amount of drugs on him. So he only had to spend a couple months in jail. However, with something like this on his record, do we really want him as our president? How did he even make it this far if he is a convicted felon?

  1. Phil Bronner permalink

    I’ll bet he’s never tried to hit his husband, moochelle!!!! LOL

  2. Matt permalink

    I’m no Obama fan, but possession of a “small amount” of drugs doesn’t make you a “convicted felon”. It is only a misdemeanor charge.

    • its just one more thing on top of every thing else matt and that adds up to quite a high pile of …….

    • In 1979 Coke would get you lots of time, and Pot was a schedule 1 drug also. Someone got him out of it, the same ones sending him to that private school.

    • He got two months in jail! do misdemeanors get you that kind of sentence?

    • Marijuana is (misdemeanor) but not cocaine, unless it was just residue on paraphernalia. However, the whole thing sounds suspect to me. Why is it just being brought up this far into his 2nd campaign? Was the cop black, cause you know that NO white cop is gonna let a young black man off when his girl is sittin there with a black eye? Oh…I was assuming that the girl was white cause of the picture…

  3. Anonymous permalink


  4. Noni permalink

    I believe Obama has a deep seeded past that he is hiding with everything he has… But I’m from old school truth, show be the police report because if you don’t have any proof its all hearsay. Hearsay doesn’t make him ineligible to be President. Very few Americans now believe he’s a naturally born American, but without proof we have nothing but another hidden issue.

  5. I did not vote for in the 1st or the 2nd time . I find it funny though that those that did NOW want to complain ????? They are just as much to blame for all the crap going on as Obama as far as Iam concerned .

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Noni , there is proof his is not a natural born citizen

  7. Why aren’t they using his real name here ? Barry

  8. A couple of MONTHS… dang that is hard core

  9. he told us in his book, that he was a drug use, enjoying his choom gang, and we all know what drugs do, but then those are the people that want drug use legal, but wage a war on legal cigarettes.

    And these are the people that can’t let second hand smoke be anywhere, but have no problem with second hand drugs wafting into the lungs of others, and giving contact highs.

  10. Anonymous permalink

    Do you people actually believe this crap? If you do WOW.

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Okay, if you dont cite any sources at least write is so you somewhat sound professional. Poorly wrote slandering makes you look lkke that much more of a douche. “They know he did hit her” really? Give me a break.

  12. Steve whitehead permalink

    We all know he is a criminal queen but it doesn’t seem like anyone in congress or the senate has the balls to stand up to the pos.

  13. Gretchen permalink

    Wonder what he was hiding when he spent millions of dollars to have all his records sealed up before he took office?

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