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South Africa Protests Obama ~ Must See !!!

June 28, 2013

obama haters


So it is what it is.Obama is disliked not only in this country but by most of the world now.His $100 billion dollar vacation brought discontent from not only his apponents and his loyal subjects here but he has lost his popularity abroad.Ireland and Germany has lost the love. South Africa lost their love for him too.If the people outside this country see him for what he really is,why doesn’t his loyal followers see it too?

Hundreds of protesters marched to the U.S. embassy in South Africa on Friday in a peaceful protest against the impending visit by President Barack Obama.

The demonstrators opposed U.S. policy on Cuba, the war in Afghanistan, global warming and other issues. The rally in Pretoria was organized by trade unionists and members of the South African Communist Party.

The protesters want to raise public awareness and warn U.S. citizens about human rights violations committed by the Obama administration, which includes the non-closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison holding terrorism suspects, said campaign coordinator Mbuyiseni Ndlozi.

“Their administration’s government is not welcome, and is being received with antagonism,” Ndlozi said. “Therefore they’ll have to rethink the standards by which they hold their government.”

Protesters carried signs that read: “No, You Can’t Obama,” a message inspired by the “Yes We Can” campaign slogan adopted by the president during his first run for election.

Obama and his family were expected to arrive in South Africa later Friday as part of a tour of three African countries. Their three-day trip includes a visit to Cape Town’s Robben Island, where former President Nelson Mandela spent 18 of his 27 years imprisoned by the previous white racist South African government.

obama rama

Demonstrators staged a similar protest outside the Parliament building in Cape Town where Obama’s record on human rights and trade relations in Africa were questioned.

“He’s coming here to plunder Africa and South Africa,” protester Abdurahman Khan said. “He’s coming for the wealth and resources, for the gold and the diamond mines, while the majority of Africans and South Africans are suffering.”

Protesters also plan to rally Saturday at the University of Johannesburg’s Soweto campus, where Obama will address students and receive an honorary law degree, and on Sunday at the University of Cape Town.

South African protesters campaigning against President Barack Obama’s three-nation tour of the continent gathered today just streets from the hospital where Nelson Mandela is critically ill.

The anti-apartheid hero and South Africa’s first black president has been fighting a severe lung infection in hospital for almost three weeks, where he will remain when President Obama arrives in Pretoria today.

His deteriorating condition – this is Mandela’s fourth and most serious hospitalisation in six months – has focused the world’s attention on South Africa and forced the White House to concede that the two leaders may not be able to meet this week.

obama protest 2

Capitalising on the intense media focus, an estimated 200 trade unionists, student activists and South African Communist Party members gathered to protest against Obama’s foreign policy, labelling it “arrogant, selfish and oppressive”.

“We had expectations of America’s first black president. Knowing Africa’s history, we expected more,” said Khomotso Makola, a 19-year-old law student. “He has come as a disappointment, I think Mandela too would be disappointed and feel let down.”

Obama’s critics in South Africa’s capital could be seen protesting with signs bemoaning the US’ use of drones in the War on Terror and the ongoing use of the Guantanamo Bay detention centre in Cuba.


During his weekend trip to Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Pretoria, the US President is scheduled to visit Robben Island, the former penal colony where Mandela was incarcerated for 18 of the 27 years he spent in prisons during the apartheid.

PRETORIA – South Africans protesting a  visit to their country by U.S. President Barack Obama rallied on  Friday a few blocks from well-wishers at a hospital in Pretoria  where anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela is critically ill.

Obama, on a three-nation tour of Africa, was due to arrive  in South Africa on Friday with White House officials saying they  will defer to Mandela’s family on whether the first  African-American president of the United States will visit South  Africa’s first black president.

Mandela, 94, is fighting a lung infection that has left him  in a critical condition and in hospital for nearly three weeks.

His fourth hospitalisation in six months has focused   attention in South Africa and globally on the faltering health  of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who is admired as a symbol of  resistance against injustice and of racial reconciliation.

President Jacob Zuma has said Mandela’s condition improved  over Wednesday night but he remained critical.


About 200 trade unionists, student activists and South  African Communist Party members gathered in the capital Pretoria  to protest Obama’s visit this weekend, calling his foreign  policy “arrogant, selfish and oppressive”.

“We had expectations of America’s first black president.  Knowing Africa’s history, we expected more,” said Khomotso  Makola, a 19-year-old law student.

“He has come as a disappointment, I think Mandela too would  be disappointed and feel let down,” Makola said.

South African critics of Obama have focused in particular on  his support for U.S. drone strikes overseas, which they say have  killed hundreds of innocent civilians, and his failure to  deliver on a pledge to close the U.S. military detention centre  at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba housing terrorism suspects.

One Senegalese newspaper reported that, “Obama is stifiling us,” after the main roads in Dakar needed to be cleared of the homeless before President Obama would drive through the city.

Other media outlets in Africa are reporting, “The Americans are imposing extreme measures,” and “The Americans take over Senegal.” I don’t think this is what Obama, who views himself as well-liked around the globe, had in mind when he planned the family vacation to the African continent.

The White House is claiming the African trip is is not a vacation, but instead will secure jobs for Americans because Africa contains several growing economies. In the same report, the New York Times spoke with a father of four who made $1.25 per day. “There’s no work here,” he told the Times. “He’s got to help us, and quick.”

Is Obama in Africa to ensure Americans will work for $1.25 per day in the future?

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