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US Troops going to Egypt to Protect American Citizens and Assets

June 30, 2013

egypt riot


The Obama Administration put the US Marines were on alert in southern Europe today as a precaution in advance of massive protests expected in Egypt.

But the Obama Administration wouldn’t send US Marines in Europe to assist the US Ambassador in Benghazi on 9-11

Four Americans were killed in the Benghazi terrorist attacks on 9-11 including the US ambassador.But now Obama has put troops on alert for an Egyptian mission. I was under the impression that Obama and Morsi were supporting each other. Morsi is the head of the Muslim Brotherhood.We just sent fighter jets, tanks, heavy munitions and over 1 billion dollars. If you don’t think Mori won’t use these weapons on the protester, you are wrong.

As a blogger, I am just going to throw this at you. We are going in and evacuate U.S. citizens and Ebassy workers. Then we are going to protect Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Leaders who want to change the country’s government to a Sharia law.

The protesters are trying to keep Morsi from turning Egypt into an Islamic State. They know the oppression Shari law brings. Their human rights will be taken away from them and it puts them in the hands of madmen.

So we armed a nation’s leaders that we all knew after Egypt’s election, would transform the Republic style system to Shari ruled State. Obama either has no idea what he’s doing and has no real foreign policy or he is promoting Islamic conquest behind the scenes. Why does Obama meeting with CAIR and other terrorist organization? When there is smoke, there is fire!

CNN reported this:

U.S. Marines stationed in southern Europe have been put on alert as a precaution in advance of expected large demonstrations and potential unrest in Egypt this weekend, CNN has learned.

About 200 combat capable Marines in Sigonella, Italy, and Moron, Spain, have been told to be ready to be airborne within 60 minutes of getting orders to deploy, according to two administration officials.

The units have several V-22 tilt-rotor aircraft that would carry troops and infantry weapons to Egypt to protect the U.S. Embassy and American government personnel and citizens if violence broke out against Americans.

The planned demonstrations are aimed against the Egyptian government.

The officials both emphasized this is contingency planning in advance of the expected demonstrations to ensure American military assets, including rescue forces, can act if needed. In the event Americans had to be evacuated from Egypt and could not get to the airport due to the unrest, there are about 2,000 additional Marines on board three Navy warships in the Red Sea, officials said.

A third official said the decision to keep the warship in the Red Sea was “very precautionary.”

The United States expects Egyptian security forces will be able to protect American assets and personnel. No plans for personnel to leave have been announced, State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said Friday.

One Comment
  1. US Leaders meet with TERRORIST while former US Allies have been told 2 “step down” “surrender” 2 Islamic RULE of LAW lead by members of the MuslimBrothers.
    How can an ISLAMIC Caliphate benefit the WHITE HOUSE?

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