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The Devolution of America

August 20, 2013

By phillhillusa August 20 2013


It is obvious to all conservatives,libertarians,preppers and people that think the Constitution is important, that the government has become nothing less than an institution for criminal politicians to push agendas on us that deplete our national integrity and our economic success.

We can stand no more of these people in office.

Our government has come to no less than supporting our own enemies around the world at the detriment of our very freedoms.

This administration supports the most evil and vile people that walk the earth,the Muslim Brotherhood.There are member of this group in our government and the president’s own cabinet.How can we continue to progress when the president of this country and the blind,disinterested and completely uninformed people of this country put these people in our government?

It is no stretch of the imagination that this government lies at every turn.In fact the only thing I can be absolututely sure of,is that what ever our president just told us is a lie.I’m not exaggerating.Please,if you can give me an example where I am wrong,I welcome it.

They claim to be the most transparent administration ever.And in a way they are.It is only too transparent to me that nobody in this administration is telling the truth about anything.

Every day,what ever was told to us buy Obama or his crew of clowns,front people and members of his staff,is a lie.It is proven two days later to be a lie.Why do they even think we don’t see it?

They put things out there that are designed to inform their base of leftists and union thug liars and the ‘community organizers’,(what a joke) so they can spew it to the uninformed and government dependent voters to latch on to,excite and vote for these scandalous and purely criminal politicians.

If the Republican or Libertarian parties can’t convince these people that have a predisposition to accept the governments word as truth,we are going to live under an increasingly authoritarian government.

This administration is destroying what we believe in to further their socialist agenda. Capitalism and socialism cannot exist together.Capitalism has driven the success of this country from the start. Socialism exists soley in oppressive regimes.

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